Inquiry-based Teaching: Part 2

How to Tweak a Lesson Plan to make it Student-Centric

This post is in continuation to the previous post Inquiry-based Teaching – How it is Relevant to the National Curriculum Framework.

Attached is this post is a Lesson Plan for Grade 6, Components of Food. Through the document, we have attempted to explain how a “teacher-centric” plan can be changed to make it “student-centric”. The change involves a little bit of effort for the teacher. And we are sure that after executing the new plan, the teacher will think it was totally worth the effort :).

Do provide your feedback on the plan. Also, if you can think of other creative ways of teaching the same topic, then we urge you to create a sample and share it everyone in this community.

We sign off this post with a wonderful quote:

“Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others.”

~ Jean-Nicolas Bouilly (1763-1842);Writer, Politician

Inquiry-based Learning Sample Lesson Plan [PDF Download].

The document contains comments, please download it onto your system and open it in a PDF reader to view the comments.

Kanchan Shine

Kanchan Shine

Passionate about everything related to education. I believe that the best kind of learning happens through play, experiments and fun! I love watching how children learn and love to implement play-based, hands-on teaching approaches. I get my thrill by planning activities for my children (6 yo girl & 3 yo boy) and watching them learn while having fun!

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