Report | Education at a Glance: 2013

Here’s a wonderful resource for teachers and other educationists looking for a source of data regarding the “state of education” around the world. A whopping 440pg report with statistics related to completion rates, educational attainment, labour market, earnings, investments, characteristics of systems and much more.

Education at a Glance: OECD Indicators is the authoritative source for accurate and relevant information on the state of education  around the world. It provides data on the structure, finances, and performance of education systems in more than 40 countries, including OECD members and G20 partners.

via Directorate for Education and Skills – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Direct link to download the PDF [5.8MB]

Atul Sabnis

Atul Sabnis

Founder of eVeltio Education Consulting, a young firm that provides consulting & implementation services to educational institutes to execute better strategies for delivery of education by integrating training, process, workflow, and technology.

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