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Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 4.20.21 PMToday’s Hindustan times (Page 8, Mumbai Edition) carried an article of the use of tablets for 5-year olds. While it is encouraging to see the use of technology in the classroom, it has also sparked off a debate about the effect of such devices on the child’s mental development.

We couldn’t find a link to the article online, therefore the snapshot. Click the image to enlarge the article. (If we find a link, we’ll post it here)

We’d like to know from you, what you think? What should be the appropriate use of technology and at what age?

Tell us in the comments section below!

Atul Sabnis

Atul Sabnis

Founder of eVeltio Education Consulting, a young firm that provides consulting & implementation services to educational institutes to execute better strategies for delivery of education by integrating training, process, workflow, and technology.

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