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The Brookings Institution has released the second phase report of the Learning Metrics Task Force, convened with the “overarching objective of the project is to catalyze a shift in the global conversation on education from a focus on access to access plus learning.” [From their website]

The report is available for download as a PDF [4.5MB] from the link below.

The final Phase II recommendations from the task force are presented in its second report entitled, Toward Universal Learning: A Global Framework for Measuring Learning, which outlines a global vision for how learning should be measured around the world. Measuring learning outcomes is a crucial step in ensur­ing that every child, everywhere, is able to realize their right to good-quality education and become a produc­tive global citizen.

via Toward Universal Learning: A Global Framework for Measuring Learning | Brookings Institution.

If you are looking to see the first phase report, Toward Universal Learning: What Every Child Should Learn, and an overview of the Learning Metrics Task Force, click here. All resources of the task force are available for download here.

Atul Sabnis

Atul Sabnis

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