Video | Surface Area of a Cylinder

The interesting thing about Math is that it’s a subject that allows you to easily build on prior knowledge, which is core to the constructivist methodology. In this resource guide, we look at a video resource that uses the constructivist methodology to teach the formula for calculating the surface area of a cylinder.

Reference: NCERT: Class 8 – Chapter 11 – Mensuration [PDF] | Class 9- Chapter 13 – Surface Areas and Volumes [PDF]

In a typical classroom, a teacher provides the formula for surface area of a cylinder and then asks students to calculate the area based on a given radius or diameter and height. However, instead of stating the formula upfront, a teacher can help students arrive at it based on their prior knowledge about area and perimeter.

The following video, by the Teaching Channel demonstrates how Mr. Chris McCloud, a seventh grade Math teacher helps students discover the formula by helping them build on their existing knowledge about area and perimeter and two-dimensional shapes. The link also includes the detailed lesson plan and the resources used in the video.

Video: Discovering the Surface Area of a Cylinder

Atul Sabnis

Atul Sabnis

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