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In the last couple of weeks, we have posted a few lesson plans that relate to the Flipped Classroom. If you are completely new to the concept of a flipped classroom, you might want to start by having a look at this infographic, which we think, is a very fine and simple explanation of a flipped classroom.

Here are two more articles from Education Next on Flipped Classroom: The Flipped Classroom and The Transformational Potential of Flipped Classrooms.

For those of us, who have a vague idea about what a flipped classroom is, but are not sure where to start, here’s a simple six-step guide to help you create a flipped classroom.

Kimberly, a Lead Consultant at Learning Unlimited, has this to say about flipped classrooms:

My advice to the teacher deciding whether or not to take the leap to the Flipped Classroom is just this: If you decide to go for it, there is no turning back. You need to stick it out. Sure, you can change back at any time (you don’t trade in your lecture card for a video-making card, after all), but I really implore you to stick to your guns. The benefits far outweigh the outcry you may hear from students and parents. I have seen substantial growth in my students’ abilities since switching. The students have become more independent and motivated learners. They have become more responsible for their work. They have, in short, become more active learners.

via 6 Steps to a Flipped Classroom | Learning Unlimited | Research-based Literacy Strategies.

While we think that this is a fine guide, there is a way to create a flipped classroom without using videos to the extent described in the guide. For some schools and locations, where infrastructure is old, weak, or non-existent, teachers can use low-tech (print-based) content as easily.

If you would like a jargon-free resource that describes the Flipped Classroom, this PDF document from Educause Learning Initiative is what you should be reading.

To wrap it all, here’s a (cute) video that describes the Flipped Classroom.

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