CCE #3: Video | The Classroom Experiment by BBC

This third article in the CCE series is a video resource called “The Classroom Experiment” conducted by the BBC. This experiment was conducted by Professor Dylan Wiliam at Hertswood School located in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England. In the experiment, Proferssor Williams takes over class 8HJ for one term; he evaluates the current status of the class and teachers and then devises a list of new techniques for teachers to implement in class.

As expected with every change, Professor Williams ideas are met with resistance from students and teachers. As you watch the two-part videos, you’ll get an insight into what students think, why they behave in a certain way. It shows the typical challenges that teachers face and their thoughts about adapting new techniques. It also shows the difficulties faced (by students and teachers) when a change is implemented in a routine. And you may be able to relate to a lot of situations you see in the video.

We’ve selected this video to be part of the CCE article series, because the experiment is a live example of evaluating teaching practices and student performance and then working towards changing them, which is a core philosophy of the CCE system.

The experiment faces resistance and challenges across the term, but at the end of 10 weeks, the teachers observed a significant change in student attitudes, behavior, and performance.

The Classroom Experiment – Part 1

The Classroom Experiment – Part 2

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Kanchan Shine

Kanchan Shine

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