CCE #6: Article | Assessing Co-scholastic Skills

The CCE framework focuses on assessing student progress in scholastic and co-scholastic domains, thus making the assessment process comprehensive. Co-scholastic skills includes social skills, life skills, thinking skills, emotional skills and values. In this article, we look at some classroom assessment techniques (CATs) that teachers can implement in class to assess students on co-scholastic skills.

In their book, Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers, authors Thomas A. Angelo and K. Patricia Cross list 50 techniques that can be used in class (with a little preparation from the teacher) to assess students across the cognitive and affective domains. While the book is not available as a free resource, we did find some useful resources that provide an overview to the techniques suggested in the book.

Classroom Assessment Techniques [PDF] –  This resource provides a brief overview to the 50 assessment techniques and presents them in an easy to read tabular format grouped by co-scholastic skills.

Classroom Assessment Technique Examples [PDF] – This resource provides a detailed step-by-step guide to conducting 10 assessment techniques in class.

We also found some videos that demonstrate the use of some techniques in class.

Video: Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs for Assessing Prior Knowledge, Recall and Understanding): The Muddiest Point

Video: Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs for Assessing Skill in Synthesis and Creative Thinking): One-Sentence Summary

Video: Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs for Assessing Skill in Synthesis and Creative Thinking): Concept Maps

Here are some more videos from the Teaching Channel.

Video: Using Debate to Develop Critical Thinking and Speaking Skills

Video: Talk Moves: Developing Communication Skills

Video: Organize Your Thinking to Critically Analyze Text

Video: Improving Research Skills with Effective Keywords

Video: Structured Groups: Making Group-Work Work

Kanchan Shine

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