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In the micro-innovation article shared this week ,(MI Monday | Learning Poetry with Bollywood Songs) we featured a teacher who recited poems to the tune of Bollywood songs, to help her students memorize the poems. We recognize that the key to learning is understanding content and not memorizing it. However, at times students are required to memorize some information.

When we say memorize, one often picture rote repeated learning, but that is not the only way to memorize facts. In this article, we look at some innovative techniques that teachers can use in class, to help students retain and recall facts easily.

Article: What Good Is Learning If You Don’t Remember It?: In this resource guide, William R. Klemm explains how memorization occurs and describes how teachers can use strategies to help students associate new information with existing information and thus memorize it.

Article: When Memorization Gets in the Way of Learning: in this article, Ben Orlin explains the difference between memorizing facts and learning facts.

Article: When Rote Learning Makes Sense: In this article, Ben Johnson shares some fun memorization methods.

Video: Collaborative Memory in Math: This video shows how students work in groups and devise a memorization technique for solving math equations.

Video: Hand Gestures: Movements make Math Memorable: This video demonstrates how students use hand gestures to  recall math terms.

What techniques do you use in class to help your students memorize concepts?

Kanchan Shine

Kanchan Shine

Passionate about everything related to education. I believe that the best kind of learning happens through play, experiments and fun! I love watching how children learn and love to implement play-based, hands-on teaching approaches. I get my thrill by planning activities for my children (6 yo girl & 3 yo boy) and watching them learn while having fun!

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