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When we use the term “grammar” people often think of rules. And often times, grammar is taught as a set of forms and rules. Teachers introduce a grammatical term in class and explain when and how it should be used. Students are then given practice sheets and asked to apply rules when framing sentences. The result is bored students, who probably may know how to apply a rule in the practice sheet but may not understand its relevance when speaking the language.

Grammar is the foundation of a language. Grammar prescribes the way in which words should come together to form a proper sentence. Linguistics break down a language into five components.

  • Phonology: Sounds of language
  • Morphology: Structure and form of words
  • Syntax: Arrangement of words into larger units
  • Semantics: Meanings of language
  • Pragmatics: Functions of language & its use in context

Each of these components intersperse together and create a language system. Everyone agrees that grammar must be taught, the challenge lies in how to teach it so that students find it engaging and fun.

In this article, we share resources that explain instructional methodologies for teaching grammar. In addition, we have also provide links to innovative hand-on activities that can make the learning grammar a fun activity.

Resource: How to teach Grammar [PDF]: This resource guide describes seven different approaches for teaching grammar.

Article: Teaching Grammar: There Has to Be a Better Way (And There Is!): In this article, Steve Peha, the President of Teaching That Makes Sense, an education consultancy based in Carrboro, NC talks about how he replaces grammar terms with simple everyday terms to teach students parts of a sentence.

The following resources describe how grammar can be taught as a hands-on fun activity.

Resource: Ideas for Teaching Grammar and Mechanics [PDF]: This resource describes different hands-on activities to teach fundamental grammar concepts.



 Play a game of hopscotch to revise grammar concepts.
(Guilt Free Homeschooling)



bottle cap - anotonym



Write words on bottle caps and ask students to make pairs of antonyms or synonyms. So much more fun than the pencil-and-paper worksheets.



silly sentence


Layout sticks and make sensible and silly sentences.|
(Tunstalls Teaching Titbits)



describe popcorn


Put up a chart and have students use words to describe the object.




compound words


Pair words on unifix cubes and make compound words.
(The First Grade Sweet Life)



adverb acting



Adverb Acting – give an adverb to a student and ask him/her to act it out.
Here’s are some super fun anchor charts that you can make and put up in class, and are bound to make your grammar class fun!


grammar anchor charts 1 grammar anchor charts 2


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