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Meera was running late for her science class. The bus was late as usual, and a truck breakdown didn’t make things any easier. When she reached school, she hurried to the staff room to collect her things. As she was leaving the staff room, she bumped into her colleague Roy.

“Good morning Meera”, said Roy. “Er…ya good morning to you, excuse me, but I’m running late for my class.” said Meera. “What are you teaching today?”, Roy added, clearly disregarding Meera’s excuse request. “Umm..Soil.” she quickly muttered and walked out.

Roy followed her out with more questions, “Why teach them about soil?”. “Because it’s part of their syllabus Roy.” she answered impatiently. “Oh, I meant what’s the objective?” he said. “The objective?” asked Meera, as she stopped walking. She stood still for a second with her eyebrows frowned, and replied “The objective is that they should be able to name and describe the soil types and answer questions in their test.”

“Hmm…so there’s really no point in having them learn about soils.”, sighed Roy. “What do you mean no point?” argued Meera. “Well, if the objective is to only have them learn information and recall it, and not really know how and where to use it, then there’s no point in learning, is there?” said Roy.

Meera stared at him, speechless. She realized what Roy was arriving at. She realized that she had planned her lesson on the textbook content, and was teaching to only provide information, and not to help students understand how the information can be useful to them or why in the first place, do they even need to learn about soil.

She had planned her lesson, without thinking about why she was teaching the concept – she had not thought about the end goal or the learning objective.

Video:  New Teacher Survival Guide: Planning: Watch this video by the Teaching Channel to see how Nicole Rubinetti, a high school teacher, works with her coach Meg Murray to set objectives for her lesson and plan her class session.

Setting objectives

What could be the objectives for teaching soil to a grade 6 class? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Kanchan Shine

Kanchan Shine

Passionate about everything related to education. I believe that the best kind of learning happens through play, experiments and fun! I love watching how children learn and love to implement play-based, hands-on teaching approaches. I get my thrill by planning activities for my children (6 yo girl & 3 yo boy) and watching them learn while having fun!

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4 Responses


    Nice article…this is what expected in the class rooms..But quit unfortunate thing is missing the objectives completely. Look at the primary grade books; I wonder how a kid of 6/7 years is able to understand…does raising the standards mean knowing many things or knowing as many things as meaningful? Many of the text books are developed in a fashion to improve the vocabulary of learners than the concepts. Even I found for primary schools books containing the different forms of energies, naming wind energy and solar energy as forms of energies. And learners are remembering the terms….is this don’t force the learners to unlearn as many things as possible in the higher education. When it is evident by research the abilities of learners in different age groups, why don’t the education industry (??) understand it.

    • Dear Sir,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We realize that the education system has many challenges. And we hope that through eVeltio TEN, we can create a community of educators who discuss such challenges, and provide ways to either overcome them or work around them, so that students don’t lose out on anything.


  2. Irshad ahmad says:

    I have been in the Education Dept.for more than three decades and asking my self about the utility of the topic in DAY TO DAY life of the child ,I got my answers when my students did it .But the teachers practise what Meera has been doing. So a question to ponder over.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      We realize that a teacher’s job is not an easy one. At eVeltio TEN, it is our endeavor to help and support them by providing them resources that can help them implement effective teaching practices in the class.

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