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Field trips for schools have always been an integral part of of the instructional process. But they take a lot of effort to organise and execute. There’s a lot of planning that has to go into it, and it is often the case that managing the children and ensuring their safety takes up most of the teachers’ time and energy.

What if you could go on a virtual trip, sitting right there in the classroom?

Google today announced that its launching a new education initiative that will see students taking “virtual field trips” using Google+ video chat Hangouts. Google explains that it’s now allowing teachers to sign up for the field trips through a program called Connected Classrooms.

via Google’s new Connected Classrooms program takes students on virtual Google+ Hangout field trips | 9to5Google.

Hat Tip: Jayme Linton

A virtual field trip will also require planning, however, most of this would be instructional planning rather than logistical planning. And this virtual field trip need not be limited to museums and similar institutions. If you, as a teacher, know someone who does something interesting (e.g. works in a factory that makes biscuits), you could create a virtual trip for your students right in the classroom.

How would you use this in the classroom? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below.


Atul Sabnis

Atul Sabnis

Founder of eVeltio Education Consulting, a young firm that provides consulting & implementation services to educational institutes to execute better strategies for delivery of education by integrating training, process, workflow, and technology.

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