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Welcome to MI Monday I Week 15

Research has proved that one of the biggest factor influencing children academic success is their attendance to school. Children who attend school regularly are likely to learn more, and progress faster academically.

In this context, today’s micro-innovation describes an idea used by a headteacher, Mr. Ajay Garg, to track the attendance of both teachers and students in his school.

Problem statement

Many students at Sacred Heart Public School in Delhi were consistently absent from school, and teachers and parents were finding it difficult to keep track of student whereabouts. Ajay was receiving many complaints from parents whose children were returning home hours after school had finished and who were accusing the school of keeping their children late.

Micro-innovation description

The micro-innovation designed to overcome this involved re-organising the school finances with a small increase in fees, in order to invest in a new technology to track student attendance. Ajay invested in a biometric fingerprinting system, which every child must use to ‘touch in’ and ‘out’ of school each day. The technology then automatically sends an SMS to their parents’ mobile telephone to let them know the exact time at which the children arrived and left school. The value of this micro-innovation is that Ajay is now able to use clear tracking data to identify students who are consistently absent or late and, therefore, to provide extra support and discipline. It also enables him to provide parents with clear information about their children’s movements after school hours. He is also able to use the scanner to track teacher attendance.

Why interesting

This micro-innovation not only provides solid data about student attendance that can be used to plan more effective support for individual students, it also increases communication between parents and the school, helping them to be more aligned in the education of their children.

Potential implementation challenges

There is potential for children to ‘game’ the system by arriving in the morning, signing in and then leaving again. If the scanner is to be successful, it will need to be part of a wider student and parental engagement strategy.

Impact so far (according to teacher)

Ajay reports that attendance levels at the school have increased, and student safety has been ensured after school. Students now feel more accountable for their attendance.

Download the implementation guide for Student Attendance Tracker.

STIR Education

STIR Education

STIR is a UK based charity working in developing countries ( India and Africa) to improve quality of school education by working with teachers in the poorest schools in the region.

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