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In this article, we look at some hands-on math activities, that require students to experience math in a fun way and also learn its real-life application. The activities listed her have been sourced from various sites and are spread across different grades and concepts.



Straw Sort: Cut straws in different sizes and have children line them up from big to small or small to big.   



Ziploc Slider Bag Number LinesMake 1 ziploc bag per two students. Write a math sum on the board, and have the students show their answers by sliding the zip on the bag.   


Number Line Run!  Math counting and addition game for kids!


Number Line Run: This game should be played on a ground. Draw a number line on the ground. Divide the class into groups of 4 or 5. When you call out a sum, one student from group 1 should run to the number line and stand on the number that represents the answer for the sum. If the answer is right, the group scores a point. Each group gets a turn, until either all students have had a chance to go to the number line or one group scores the max point score set.





Perimeter and Area Robots: Give students a square grid paper. Tell them that they have to draw a robot with xx perimeter size and xx area size.







Geometry & Structures: Divide the class into groups. Have each group build newspaper towers to understand the application of geometry in architecture.



Third Grade St. Patrick



Leprechaun Chase: Give each student a grid paper. You can be the leader and have students call out coordinates to guess where you have hidden the Leperchaun on the grid paper.






Impossible Heights: Bring concepts of proportion to life by taking students outdoors and have them find the height of objects using the height of your own shadow.      





Shapes and Angles with Sticks: Gather students on the playground. Divide them into groups. Give each group a bunch of sticks. Ask them to make a shape that has at least two right angles, two triangles, one square, etc.

Angles in Numbers: Have students create numbers using sticks and then have them identify the angles formed by the numbers.
Angles in Nature: Take students on a walk around the school. Point to different objects in nature and ask them to identify the angles.
What activities do you use to teach Math in a fun or hands-on way to your class?
Do you conduct outdoor Math classes?
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