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Suitcases (Photo credit: Rog42)

Studying another country? Why not challenge the students to create a virtual trip to that country? Start with each student creating a suitcase using a small box that could be decorated with pictures of places and symbols of the destination country. After that, the travel bag would have to contain items necessary for such a trip. These could be created again, using pictures or hand drawings. Some suggestions for inclusion might be:

  • draw or copy a map showing landforms, waterways and major cities
  • suggestions for appropriate clothing for a specific time of year
  • a restaurant menu featuring foods of the country or its near neighbours
  • an itinerary of places to see and things to do
  • a list of possible health concerns (malaria in equatorial areas, frostbite in northern Canada in winter, sunburn in the desert etc.)
  • music, art or cinema created by artists from this country

Students might also determine the approximate cost the trip with the help of a travel agent or the internet. This is a great collaboration with basic math calculations.

What other ways would you use this travel experience?

Susan Ward

Susan Ward

Retired elementary school principal. Currently a part-time instructor at Faculty of Education, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. I work with teacher candidates placing them in schools and evaluating their teaching skills. I also teach a 20 hour course in social studies curriculum to teacher candidates. I have been an educator for over 35 years and am committed to having the best prepared new teachers we can develop, coming into the field.

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