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Science is often presented as factoids. If at all explanations are provided they are presented in way that requires fidelity towards the teacher rather than critical apprehension on the part of the learners.

How do we know that the earth is round? Strategies for using history of science to reflect on nature of science

The talk proposes to discuss how the nature of science, especially its epistemological foundations, could be introduced to the learners by way of selective accounts from the history of science. The lecture will begin by asking how do we know that Earth is round and show that nurturing scientific temper could be a feasible agenda in school class rooms.

About the Speaker

Dr T V Venkateswaran is the Academic head, Vigyan Prasar, Dept of Science & Technology, Government of India


2.30 pm, 5 February 2014


Auditorium, Central Institute of Education, University of Delhi

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Atul Sabnis

Atul Sabnis

Founder of eVeltio Education Consulting, a young firm that provides consulting & implementation services to educational institutes to execute better strategies for delivery of education by integrating training, process, workflow, and technology.

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