MI Monday | Longer School Day

An extended school day offers a chance to solve organizational problems, remake school culture and, most relevantly, create additional opportunities to reinforce what students learn in the classroom. A 2005 study suggests a positive link between longer school days and better test scores.

Today’s micro-innovation is about a headteacher, Sajid, who has lengthened the school day in order to enhance student learning.

Problem statement
Children from low-income backgrounds usually begin school behind their wealthier peers in terms of achievement and this gap usually grows during the course of a child’s school career.

Micro-innovation description
To overcome this challenge, Sajid and his colleagues at Babul Uloom have introduced a school day that is 2 hours longer than most similar schools.

Why interesting
The micro-innovation recognises a need to provide students from low-income backgrounds with greater structure and more instruction time if they are to succeed at the level of more privileged children.

Potential implementation challenges
It will be necessary to ensure that the quality of provision is also high – there is no point in providing children with more teaching if they are not learning anything anyway.

Impact so far (according to teacher)
Sajid has noticed that his students are learning at an accelerated pace.

To know more about Sajid’s innovation, download the implementation guide here- STIR_Longer School Days for More Learning Time

STIR Education

STIR Education

STIR is a UK based charity working in developing countries ( India and Africa) to improve quality of school education by working with teachers in the poorest schools in the region.

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