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Identifying students’ improvement areas, and providing them structured guidance can drastically accelerate their learning outcomes. However, it is often hard for teachers to keep track of individual children needs. Today’s micro-innovation suggests a way in which students progress can be tracked systematically to provide them personalised guidance in an on-going basis.

Problem statement

Anita noticed that her students were not coming to school regularly because they were not enough motivated. She realised that this was contributing to low teacher morale and to poor students results.

Micro-innovation description

In order to motivate her students in every class, Anita, who is also the in-charge of the school, introduced ‘best student of the month’ and ‘best class of the month’ on the basis of attendance, frequency of completing class work and academic performance. The ‘best class’ name is displayed on the schools’ notice board and each child in that class are given a paper- made smiley badge to wear for that month. Similarly the best student is also selected every month on the basis of attendance and academics, and gets a star smiley badge to wear for the entire month.

Why interesting

This micro-innovation is interesting because it recognises the whole class as well as individual achievement and attendance. Students start working together as a team to demonstrate good attendance and good academics to get awarded.

Potential implementation challenges

It may be difficult to track every student’s attendance and progress if an effective system is not put in place.

Impact so far (according to teacher)

Anita reports that since the introduction of the innovation, attendance has improved. Now more students are completing their work on time and have started supporting each other with their academic work in order to improve their class performance.


STIR Education

STIR Education

STIR is a UK based charity working in developing countries ( India and Africa) to improve quality of school education by working with teachers in the poorest schools in the region.

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