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Research has proved that one of the biggest factor influencing children academic success is their attendance to school. Children who attend school regularly are likely to learn more, and progress faster academically.

In this context, today’s micro-innovation describes an idea used by a principal, Ms.Pritam Kaur, to track the attendance of both teachers and students in his school.

Problem statement

Low attendance in all classes was hampering the overall learning levels at the school and a regular daily register, although useful in terms of information, was not useful in increasing the attendance of the students in the school.

Micro-innovation description

Pritam introduced three kinds of badges to increase student attendance– Red, Green and Black. Red badges are given to the students who have full attendance in a month. Green badges are given to the students who are absent for a day or two and black badges are given to students who are absent for many days in a month without any prior information. But Pritam has not yet given any black badges as she feels it might demotivate the students.

Why interesting

This micro-innovation is interesting because it uses the coloured badges as positive reinforcement to improve attendance.

Potential implementation challenges

Giving badges to the students will require the school to invest certain amount of money. Further, additional research is required on the potential effects of giving a black badge to children.

Impact so far (according to teacher)

Pritam noticed that students have started coming more regularly to school and try not to be absent. There is healthy competition among students to get a red badge in her school now.



STIR Education

STIR Education

STIR is a UK based charity working in developing countries ( India and Africa) to improve quality of school education by working with teachers in the poorest schools in the region.

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