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As we continue to research for our upcoming series on Teacher CPD & Collaboration, here’s an interesting post by the Education Policy blog. It is a fairly long read, but worthwhile read. It covers, in detail, aspects of balancing course work & practice and determining effectiveness.

“The teacher sets out to explain what a protein or metaphor is, or how to balance the terms in an algebraic equation, or the sociological dynamics of prejudice, but to do so needs to be thinking about how to explain these things: what illustrations, what analogies, what alternative explanations when the first one fails? This instruction is done not only to convey particular knowledge about metaphors or algebraic equations, but also to get students to understand and think about these topics. This involves hefty cognitive activity, as any parent knows from his or her experiences of explaining things to kids, but the teacher is doing it with a room full of young people—which brings a significant performative dimension to the task.”

(Via Education Policy Blog: Hosted by the Forum on the Future of Public Education: Thoughts on Educating Teachers When Teacher Education is Under Attack.)

Atul Sabnis

Atul Sabnis

Founder of eVeltio Education Consulting, a young firm that provides consulting & implementation services to educational institutes to execute better strategies for delivery of education by integrating training, process, workflow, and technology.

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