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Stanford Online has recently launched a new course that relates to Open Knowledge. We have been observing a steady trend towards the use of open resources in learning (much like this site, which offers quite a lot of useful resources openly). Yet there are many questions about what exactly open means. Further, there are many questions regarding the sustainability of developing open resources, licensing and the quality and nature of open resources. This course, covers pretty much all of it (from the Stanford Course site):

Open source, open science, open data, open access, open education, open learning — this course provides an introduction to the important concept of openness from a variety of perspectives, including education, publishing, librarianship, economics, politics, and more, and asks you to discover what it means to you. Open Knowledge is international and multi-institutional, bringing together instructors and students from Canada, Ghana, Mexico, the United States, and the rest of the world. It will challenge you take control of your own education, to determine your own personal learning objectives, to contribute to the development of the curriculum, to reflect on your progress, to learn new digital skills, and to take a leadership role in the virtual classroom. It will also provide you with the opportunity to connect with colleagues from different countries and professions, and to better understand areas where your interests overlap and where unexpected distincts exist. We hope you’ll consider taking this journey with us.

via Open Knowledge: Changing the Global Course of Learning | Stanford Online.

The link above displays the contents of the course and additional information. I personally believe this should be a must course for all educators as more resources for learning become open. To understand “openness” better, this course will definitely help. If you do signup, do say hello; I’ve signed up for the course too. Time permitting, I hope to complete the course.

The course started on September 2nd, but you can still join and easily catch up in a couple of days.


Atul Sabnis

Atul Sabnis

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