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October 8 2014 will witness Lunar Eclipse, which is also popularly known as The Blood Moon. During this eclipse, the Sun, Earth and the Moon will appear in a straight line. The Earth will block the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon. But, some light  rays from around the edge of the Earth will manage to reach the moon, causing it to glow and appear red.

The Blood Moon is one of nature’s spectacular phenomenons that should not be missed.

Here are some interesting activities related to The Blood Moon, that you can plan for your class.

  • Blood Moon Documentary – Watch the documentary and discuss how the event occurs.
  • Photography Tips: Share photography tips so students can capture the moment if it’s visible in their region.
  • Total Lunar Eclipse of October 2014 Live: Ask students to watch the livecast of the event, if the event is not visible in their region.
  • Track the Eclipse in Your Region: Track what time the eclipse will be visible in your region.
  • Brainstorm and discuss what causes the red colour of the moon.
  • Have children observe the recorded footage of the event and create a pictorial timeline depicting how the event occurred.
  • Discuss myths and superstitions associated with the event.


Kanchan Shine

Kanchan Shine

Passionate about everything related to education. I believe that the best kind of learning happens through play, experiments and fun! I love watching how children learn and love to implement play-based, hands-on teaching approaches. I get my thrill by planning activities for my children (6 yo girl & 3 yo boy) and watching them learn while having fun!

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