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What started off as a scheduling system for production in Japan, was soon adopted by software developers. Ideas proliferate and are adapted by different users as it makes sense to them. How could teachers use a system designed for production in the classroom? Trello, an online Kanban tool has this to say on it:

The basic concept is that for one hour twice a week, students explore a topic of their choosing. They research the same topic for 12 one hour sessions, before presenting their findings on a medium of their choice. Gone are the days of dioramas: these young innovators elect to post their findings to a website, video, or slide presentation that they make themselves!

Via Teachers Using Trello: How To Foster Genius In The Classroom

Schools, that do not have a technology infrastructure to support these kind of activities may dismiss this as irrelevant or impractical. However, the point of this article and the idea behind using such a tool, is less about the tool and more about the instructional concepts that it supports. Conducting organised research and developing a self-learning ethos is key to conducting these activities. Developing such an activity using old technology like paper and pencil will equally offer the benefit that Trello, or a similar tool, offers.

Creative Classroom need not be dependent on a tool, all we need is ideas.

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Atul Sabnis

Atul Sabnis

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