Why eVeltio TEN

“The past can teach us, nurture us, but it cannot sustain us. The essence of life is change, and we must move ever forward or the soul will wither and die.” ~ Susanna Kearsley, in Mariana


In the Age of Transformation

Teachers – in spite of being one of the most important stakeholders in the educational ecosystem – are a relatively underserved community in terms of support, training, resources and products. As primary agents of change, teachers—more than anyone else—need to be equipped with best-in-class resources and knowledge to enable better education. The advent of better and faster communication and technology is fuelling rapid social transformation in education. Policy shifts as new research gains ground. The teacher must become a primary participant in making sense of this change and employing it for positive impact.

About eVeltio TEN

eVeltio TEN is an informal, friendly, and an online community platform for teachers to come together to learn, understand, and make sense of this change. The aim is to bring teachers from around the world to a single location and foster an environment of a close-knit community, engaged in knowledge exchange. eVeltio TEN intends to be the platform of choice for knowledge sharing and informal learning, supported by curated resources relevant to teachers’ needs.

eVeltio TEN welcomes members from the cross section of the teaching community, comprising in-service teachers, pre-service teachers, teacher educators, administrators, policy makers, and teacher training institutes. We invite experienced people from this community to be experts on eVeltio TEN and be mentors to other members who are interested in improving their knowledge and performance in the workplace and the classroom. Find out how you can join us in enabling this change.

In time, this community will become a powerhouse of knowledge that can be shared with teachers across the world. We are actively exploring “partnerships with a purpose,” that enable us to expand the reach of the community, increase resources available to teachers, and develop new and exciting features for the community.

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