Author: Atul Sabnis


Books | The Future of the Curriculum; The MIT Press

There’s a lot going on in the world of curriculum design. The most common activity that we see, at least in India, is the inclusion of technology in curriculum design. Some of the initiatives are self-styled game-changers while some are incremental changes, which hardly affect the curriculum in a meaningful manner (more…)


Article | Technology & Teachers

Yesterday, we talked of Technology Vs. Teachers. Today, we talk of Technology & Teachers. A key idea, inherent in the title of that post was the potential of disagreement between technology and teachers. We asked if a teacher can ever be replaced by digital tools. While the answer is obvious, it does (more…)

Women in African History: An E-Learning Tool - UNESCO 0

OER | A Very Useful Example

There have been many debates and discussions regarding the use (and, perhaps abuse) of OER (Open Educational Resources). Most discussions have been centred around the proper definition of OER, their viability and sustainability. We’ll perhaps post on a later date, a summary of these debates. Today is about a very (more…)


Classroom Strategy | Language Evolution

When working on this classroom strategy, one question that bugged us for a while was whether this applied more to an English classroom or the History classroom. While the content leans towards use in an English classroom, there are interesting elements to the content that lend themselves to use, by the (more…)

The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book. 1

Teacher’s Day Contest | Submit

This is the submission page for the Teacher’s Day contest that we recently posted. Please use the form below to submit your entry. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before you submit your entry. Please ensure we have your full name and correct email address to contact you. (more…)


Learn | Open Knowledge: Changing the Global Course of Learning | Stanford Online

Stanford Online has recently launched a new course that relates to Open Knowledge. We have been observing a steady trend towards the use of open resources in learning (much like this site, which offers quite a lot of useful resources openly). Yet there are many questions about what exactly open means. (more…)


Link | Ten useful reports on MOOCs and online education

Here’s a list of ten reports and papers related to MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) and online learning. This digest of reports and papers published over the past year is provided to support the ongoing debate on MOOCs, Open Educational Resources and online education. A brief summary of the contents, (more…)


News | State of Teacher Training in India

All the more reasons for teachers to take their professional development in their own hands. Being the key stakeholders in education, teachers have a significant opportunity available to them to initiate ways and means to help improve their performance and help focus not just on completing the syllabus, but ensuring (more…)


CPD for Teachers: Part 2 – Benefits of CPD

Last week we posted an article, a first in a series regarding what CPD is, a couple of definitions and some of aims of CPD for teachers as described in the NCFTE 2009. As discussed in the article, CPD is an important component in the life of any professional. Most (more…)


CPD for Teachers: Part 1 – What is CPD?

There is little argument that teachers are the the most valuable professionals in any learning society. Their importance in nation building and developing responsible and educated citizens, has been amply described by great thinkers and suitably demonstrated in various research activities that study social impact. We will, therefore avoid getting (more…)