Author: Kanchan Shine


Teaching Strategy | What is Multiplication?

When students are taught multiplication, it’s often taught by showing them the multiplication table and asking them to read it aloud, and then repeat it many times, until they remember it, “by heart”. But what does multiplication mean? Does saying “Two times six is twelve” mean something to the child? (more…)


Dual Language in the Classroom

This weeks micro-innovations article MI Monday I Try English speaks about encouraging teachers to speak English in rural schools in India. In many rural schools and low-income schools, the language of teaching is the regional language while English is the second language. Thus, a very large portion of the audience that (more…)


Structured Yet Unstructured Learning – Is it Possible?

A school timetable tells you what subjects and lessons will be taught in class through the week. It gives predictability to students and teachers and ensures that all subjects are adequately covered. But, do timetables also bring about monotony in the school life? Do they take away the flexibility of (more…)


Cross-curricular Lesson Plan | Grade 1

This is a cross-curricular or integrated lesson plan for Grade 1. This lesson plan covers Languages (English & Hindi), Math, Science & Art. Reference: NCERT – Class 1: English Unit 3 NCERT – Class 1: Math Unit 5 NCERT – Class 1: Hindi Unit 15 Lesson Plan: Preparation before class: (more…)


Resource | Indian Crop Calendar

We created a simple visual calendar to illustrate the crop seasons in India. Teachers can create the same on a large chart paper and display in class. Add-on activities: Every month, ask the students to visit the vegetable and fruit market to find out which vegetables and fruits are on sale. (more…)


Classroom Strategies | Marzano’s (Nine) High-Yield Instructional Strategies

Today, we all agree that the passive mode of teaching or rather lecture mode of teaching is passe. Teachers no longer want to drive the class. Today teaching is consciously planned to be student-driven or student-centric. Teachers spend a considerable amount of time planning their teaching. It’s no longer a (more…)