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The Lighter Side | 33 Signs You’re A New Teacher

This one’s not just for new teachers, but also for those who have been teaching for a while – perhaps you will remember things like these from when you started? Have fun! 33 Signs You’re A New Teacher. (more…)


Fun | Anti-Cheating Hats

You might think this is funny, but we think it’s quite innovative too! “Students at Kasetsart University in Thailand couldn’t contemplate cheating on a recent exam; they were too busy worrying whether an accidental twitch would lead to the surprisingly sharp pain only a paper cut can wield. After a (more…)


Fun | Math Fail

We have been a bit serious for a while now. A holiday is coming on, and we thought it might do all of us some good to unwind a bit. Here’s a special treat for all maths teachers out there. (Also for other maths enthusiasts) Perhaps, some of the posts (more…)