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Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies by Thinking Aloud

Reading comprehension is the ability to read text, process it and understand its meaning – Wikipedia. Reading comprehension is introduced to students in Grade 1. Typically, a short passage is presented to students and then they are asked to read the questions that follow and provide answers. Students are asked to read the (more…)


Learning to Observe

Look at this picture. What do you see? Most people’s answer to the question above is “I see a living room.” But if we were to ask “What do you observe?”, then would your answer change? The Modern Oxford English Dictionary describes the word observation as “the action or process of observing something or (more…)


Classroom Strategies | Marzano’s (Nine) High-Yield Instructional Strategies

Today, we all agree that the passive mode of teaching or rather lecture mode of teaching is passe. Teachers no longer want to drive the class. Today teaching is consciously planned to be student-driven or student-centric. Teachers spend a considerable amount of time planning their teaching. It’s no longer a (more…)


Article | Inquiry – A Learning Process

Research projects – we’ve all assigned them. They can vary from a read and report biography of a famous person to an in-depth science project. Each is valid and has its place in the education of our students. But, do our projects really engage our students? Do these assignments challenge (more…)


Article | Teaching Linguistic Learners

Since the theme for this week was English, we wind up the series with a post about linguistic learners. A typical classroom in school comprises different students. When we use the term “different or differences” we often think about the cultural background difference or difference in ability of learning. But, (more…)


OER | Textbook – Educational Psychology

As a practicing teacher, you may not think twice about a post about a free textbook on Educational Psychology, you might even think that this would be useful for pre-service teachers. You may be right, but this book is a bit different. Authors Rosemary Sutton and Kelvin Seifert, bring an open (more…)


Learning & Teaching | Learning Theory Visual Guide; Edudemic

All you ever wanted to know about Learning Theories “This concept map is elaborate and downright incredible. Robert Millwood built this behemoth and you should be sure to head over to his site to thank him and learn more about the Holistic Approach to Technology Enhanced Learning (HoTEL).” (Via A (more…)


Inquiry-based Activity Plans for Science

In the past few posts we have been advocating the use of constructivism and inquiry-based teaching in classrooms. While the methodology is highly effective, some topics, especially in higher grades, require considerable preparation by the teacher. We found a wonderful resource guide created by the American Chemical Society Education Division. (more…)