Category: Pedagogy


Article | Technology Vs. Teachers

Today, the blackboards in schools are being replaced with digital interactive whiteboards. But does that mean that the real class teacher will also be replaced by a digital teacher? More importantly the question is “CAN” the class teacher be replaced by a digital teacher? In my opinion, the answer (undoubtedly) to that (more…)


Article | Teaching to Think (Part 2)

Thank you for your overwhelming response on the first article about Teaching to Think. Most of the comments and discussions occurred on LinkedIn forums. We request visitors to please put your comments in the comment box that appears at the end of the article, so that members from the teaching (more…)


Research | Classifying K-12 Blended Learning

An interesting white paper on classifying the four models of blended learning. The full white paper is available for download from the link below. You may also be interested in As blended learning continues to expand across the K-12 sector, definitions are important to help people talk about the new (more…)


Pedagogy | Shoutout to Maths teachers

A fascinating and compelling article. An interesting take on place value system (positional notation) on Khan Academy‘s content. Also, a big shoutout to teachers, especially maths teachers, who are reading this. What are the really common mistakes and misconceptions that will dog a student’s life? As teachers, how can we stop (more…)