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Research | Classifying K-12 Blended Learning

An interesting white paper on classifying the four models of blended learning. The full white paper is available for download from the link below. You may also be interested in As blended learning continues to expand across the K-12 sector, definitions are important to help people talk about the new (more…)


Report | Blended Learning: Current Use, Challenges and Best Practice

Recently, we informed you about a MOOC for blended learning. If you have already been using blended learning in some form, or are curious about how it is being implemented, this report will be useful. There’s currently a lot of hype around the topic, but what is the reality? How (more…)


Research | 99 Excellent Open Access Journals for Educators

Good research is an important in any field, and therefore, access to good research resources is equally important. Here are 99 open access journals for educators. Just like physicians, the best educators stay informed with the latest developments in their field. Luckily, it doesn’t take anything more than time to (more…)


NewsLink | ICT Curriculum for Schools

More moves introduced in education to bring in ICT to the fore. Today’s Hindustan Times – Mumbai, edition carries this news item (Page 4) about the launch of the new ICT curriculum to be used in schools. While we haven’t analysed the curriculum in detail, we suspect that the focus (more…)


Policy | The silent war over education reforms

A wonderful article by Krishna Kumar, former director of NCERT; a critical look at two major reports submitted to the government, regarding higher education. Just because something works in one situation, doesn’t mean that it will work in another. A deep-dive look is necessary to understand what we need and what (more…)


Research | The Impact of Digital Tools on Student Writing

Useful research for those who are looking into the issue of using digital technology in writing, by Pew Internet, a project of the Pew Research Center. Some 78% of the 2,462 advanced placement (AP) and National Writing Project (NWP) teachers surveyed by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life (more…)


Report | Global Framework for Measuring Learning

The Brookings Institution has released the second phase report of the Learning Metrics Task Force, convened with the “overarching objective of the project is to catalyze a shift in the global conversation on education from a focus on access to access plus learning.” [From their website] The report is available (more…)


Pedagogy | Shoutout to Maths teachers

A fascinating and compelling article. An interesting take on place value system (positional notation) on Khan Academy‘s content. Also, a big shoutout to teachers, especially maths teachers, who are reading this. What are the really common mistakes and misconceptions that will dog a student’s life? As teachers, how can we stop (more…)


Report | Education at a Glance: 2013

Here’s a wonderful resource for teachers and other educationists looking for a source of data regarding the “state of education” around the world. A whopping 440pg report with statistics related to completion rates, educational attainment, labour market, earnings, investments, characteristics of systems and much more. Education at a Glance: OECD (more…)