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10 Lessons For The Digital Teacher | TeachThought

We have always told teachers about #8. We think that PLNs for teachers are important. If you’re a teacher, and you’re in any way digital (and you presumably are if you’re reading this), there are some strategies you might consider to lubricate the interaction between the two. And that’s where Lessons (more…)


Link | Of Reflective Practice for Teachers

For a long time, teachers have been asked to focus on reflective practice. Very few, however, have described what reflective practice or reflective teaching is. “The more reflective you are, the more effective you are. This is a phrase that has become synonymous with the work we have done with building (more…)


Article | Social Media & Teachers

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article in dna India, about the imperative for teachers to use social media. The days of traditional centralised curriculum sent down for relay, by teachers, have long outlived their time. Students have more options, perhaps more interesting options to consume, than the (more…)


Teacher’s Time

In a recent article in the NY Times, Fred M. Hechinger writes: “One major reason, he believes, is that while a great deal is expected of the schools, from teaching the fundamentals to creating civilized adults, ”whether schools are satisfying places for the students who attend them is largely irrelevant or of (more…)


News | State of Teacher Training in India

All the more reasons for teachers to take their professional development in their own hands. Being the key stakeholders in education, teachers have a significant opportunity available to them to initiate ways and means to help improve their performance and help focus not just on completing the syllabus, but ensuring (more…)


CPD for Teachers: Part 2 – Benefits of CPD

Last week we posted an article, a first in a series regarding what CPD is, a couple of definitions and some of aims of CPD for teachers as described in the NCFTE 2009. As discussed in the article, CPD is an important component in the life of any professional. Most (more…)


CPD for Teachers: Part 1 – What is CPD?

There is little argument that teachers are the the most valuable professionals in any learning society. Their importance in nation building and developing responsible and educated citizens, has been amply described by great thinkers and suitably demonstrated in various research activities that study social impact. We will, therefore avoid getting (more…)


Article: Educating Teachers

As we continue to research for our upcoming series on Teacher CPD & Collaboration, here’s an interesting post by the Education Policy blog. It is a fairly long read, but worthwhile read. It covers, in detail, aspects of balancing course work & practice and determining effectiveness. “The teacher sets out (more…)