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Collaboration: Future Skills

This Monday, we posted an article about Teacher Collaboration, asking teachers in India to help us understand what hinders collaboration between teachers. I’ll admit it was a bit surprising that a large number of people voted for “Teachers have little interest in collaboration” (You can see the results of the (more…)


Teacher Collaboration In India

What do teachers in India think about collaboration? Especially about peer-collaboration, to support their professional development. According to an article in Education Week: “In spite of research touting the benefits of collaboration, the survey found that more than half of teachers in grades 7 to 9 reported they rarely or (more…)


Article | Are You Being Fair?

An interesting article for teachers. Perhaps this weekend could be a good time to reflect on fairness – do we always know if we are being fair in class? Babad, who in the late 80s studied the teacher’s pet phenomenon, says problems arise in the classroom when educators’ non-verbal behaviors, (more…)

Classroom Strategies | Teacher Moderation 0

Classroom Strategies | Teacher Moderation

Consider this scenario: Your school has several classes of the same grade. As the principal, you begin to notice that the marks in Mrs. Smith’s class are consistently higher than that of Mrs. Jones’ class.This is puzzling because you distinctly remember balancing the two classes in terms of the student (more…)


MI Monday | Filming Teachers For Professional Development

Evaluating teacher’s own teaching is a way to identify the strong aspects of their practice, as well as their weaknesses. Studies have yielded few reports oriented specifically to the utilization of videotape recording for the self-improvement of teachers in the classroom. Today’s micro-innovation describes an idea used by a headteacher, (more…)


An Inspiring Grade 1 Math Teacher

We came across this video in which Jeanne Wright, a Grade 1 teacher, does a fantastic job at teaching children reasoning skills to arrive at answers to math problems. It is truly inspiring; the student teacher ratio in her school is 14:1. She begins by building on prior knowledge, and uses (more…)


Innovative Teachers – Kerala

Here’s another inspirational teacher from Kerala – T Reena, an anganwadi teacher who uses “theme-based” plans for teaching children and goes beyond a teacher’s role as she pursues her passion for teaching. Lessons from a passionate teacher (more…)


Innovative Teachers – Kolkatta

Came across this inspiring article, which talks about how teachers have been innovative and modified nursery rhymes and stories to remove gender bias. Kolkata schools tweak classics to teach gender sensitivity (more…)