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Link | Vague Verbs: A Curricular Problem

Writing instructional objectives has always been a complex issue, matter of much debate, uncertainty, and ignorance. Michael Fordham questions the use of what he refers to as “vague verbs” and wonders if there is a need to for us to look at what we want our students to learn, as a (more…)


Learn | Open Knowledge: Changing the Global Course of Learning | Stanford Online

Stanford Online has recently launched a new course that relates to Open Knowledge. We have been observing a steady trend towards the use of open resources in learning (much like this site, which offers quite a lot of useful resources openly). Yet there are many questions about what exactly open means. (more…)


Lesson Plan | Grade 7 | Light

Tina, a Grade 7 student loves painting. She dreams about completing her 10th and then pursuing a career in visual arts, either painting or photography, and hosting her first exhibition. The Physics teacher calls her name and jolts Tina out of her reverie. She asks Tina to share her thoughts about the (more…)


Learning to Observe

Look at this picture. What do you see? Most people’s answer to the question above is “I see a living room.” But if we were to ask “What do you observe?”, then would your answer change? The Modern Oxford English Dictionary describes the word observation as “the action or process of observing something or (more…)


MI Monday | Three Steps of Teaching Literacy

It is widely acknowledged that literacy is an essential life skill and that well-developed literacy skills improve students’ life chances.Research has indicated that peer feedback improves the process and product of students’ English writing.  Today’s micro-innovation describes how Ruby, a grade three teacher, encourages her students to follow three easy (more…)


Resource | Indian Crop Calendar

We created a simple visual calendar to illustrate the crop seasons in India. Teachers can create the same on a large chart paper and display in class. Add-on activities: Every month, ask the students to visit the vegetable and fruit market to find out which vegetables and fruits are on sale. (more…)


Classroom Strategies | Marzano’s (Nine) High-Yield Instructional Strategies

Today, we all agree that the passive mode of teaching or rather lecture mode of teaching is passe. Teachers no longer want to drive the class. Today teaching is consciously planned to be student-driven or student-centric. Teachers spend a considerable amount of time planning their teaching. It’s no longer a (more…)


Article | Hands-on Math Activities

In this article, we look at some hands-on math activities, that require students to experience math in a fun way and also learn its real-life application. The activities listed her have been sourced from various sites and are spread across different grades and concepts.   Straw Sort: Cut straws in different (more…)