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Classroom Activity | Travel Ideas

Studying another country? Why not challenge the students to create a virtual trip to that country? Start with each student creating a suitcase using a small box that could be decorated with pictures of places and symbols of the destination country. After that, the travel bag would have to contain (more…)


Resource | Indian Crop Calendar

We created a simple visual calendar to illustrate the crop seasons in India. Teachers can create the same on a large chart paper and display in class. Add-on activities: Every month, ask the students to visit the vegetable and fruit market to find out which vegetables and fruits are on sale. (more…)

Polar Vortex, Via Wikipedia 0

Resources | Teaching the Polar Vortex

Is it Ice-age all over again? A scientific phenomenon? Why did it suddenly become so unbearably cold in the US and Canada? Two-thirds of America was plunged into freezing temperatures this week. To help you teach extreme cold in the classroom, we’ve collected these useful classroom aids […] If you (more…)

Article | Managing Inquiry Data 0

Article | Managing Inquiry Data

Your students have begun their search for data, information and evidence to answer their initial questions. Fabulous! They are reading and taking notes, talking with their teammates, asking new questions. But what are they doing with all that data? How are they keeping all of that organized? Here are some (more…)


Article | Encouraging Good Citizenship

Last week we talked about encouraging students to recognize and find out about the heroes of their own country as well as those of other countries. Those heroes were, at one time, ordinary citizens. They were people who were placed in unusual circumstances and drew upon their belief that their (more…)


Lesson Plan (How to Write a Learning Objective) | Soil

This post is in continuation to the previous post (Article | But, What’s the Objective?). In this article, we’ll look at a Grade 7 chapter on Soil and see how we can write learning objectives for the given content. The chapter begins with presenting an activity (9.1) to students. In (more…)


Article | Teaching Students to Memorize

In the micro-innovation article shared this week ,(MI Monday | Learning Poetry with Bollywood Songs) we featured a teacher who recited poems to the tune of Bollywood songs, to help her students memorize the poems. We recognize that the key to learning is understanding content and not memorizing it. However, at (more…)


Mixed Resources | Biomes of the World

Where in the world, would you live, if you were a toucan? Well, your location would depend on the climatic conditions of a place. Because as a toucan, you are a resident breeder (you don’t migrate) and you need lush vegetation all around you, which means that the climate of (more…)


Lesson Plan (Flipped Classroom) | What is International Trade?

Where would you go, if you wanted to eat Fuji apples, drink coffee from Guatemala and enjoy a cup of blueberry crumble ice-cream? You would only need to travel to the closest supermarket in your vicinity! Thanks, to international trade, today we have access to goods and services from different parts of (more…)


Teacher Resource | Video – Regions

A quick, one minute introduction to geographic regions. Encourage your students to identify regions in your own country. Perhaps ask them to make a video of their own? Or ask them to identify the various regions that their city comes under. Curriculum Reference: Class IX | Maharashtra State Board (more…)