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MI Monday | Learning Phonics on Mobile Phones

Welcome to MI Monday I Week-4 In last three weeks, we shared a ‘bundle’ of micro-innovations for ‘creative classroom’ teaching which can help children to stay motivated and be more engaged in learning. This week we share with you another creative micro-innovation to help children learn phonics on mobile phones. (more…)


Article | Teaching Students to Memorize

In the micro-innovation article shared this week ,(MI Monday | Learning Poetry with Bollywood Songs) we featured a teacher who recited poems to the tune of Bollywood songs, to help her students memorize the poems. We recognize that the key to learning is understanding content and not memorizing it. However, at (more…)


Article | Movies & Literature

Our MI post this week (MI Monday | Learning Poetry with Bollywood Songs) showcases a teacher who uses Bollywood songs to get her students to learn poems. By singing poems to the tune of famous Bollywood songs, she is able to engage students in class and enable retention. It’s not surprising (more…)


Lesson Plan | Purposeful Reading; Citing Evidence

If you ask most 9th graders to study a chapter from their English book, they typically take the linear route. That is, they begin by reading the entire text, next, they review the questions given at the end of the text and finally they revisit the text to find answers (more…)