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Teaching Strategy | What is Multiplication?

When students are taught multiplication, it’s often taught by showing them the multiplication table and asking them to read it aloud, and then repeat it many times, until they remember it, “by heart”. But what does multiplication mean? Does saying “Two times six is twelve” mean something to the child? (more…)


Cross-curricular Lesson Plan | Grade 1

This is a cross-curricular or integrated lesson plan for Grade 1. This lesson plan covers Languages (English & Hindi), Math, Science & Art. Reference: NCERT – Class 1: English Unit 3 NCERT – Class 1: Math Unit 5 NCERT – Class 1: Hindi Unit 15 Lesson Plan: Preparation before class: (more…)


Article | Hands-on Math Activities

In this article, we look at some hands-on math activities, that require students to experience math in a fun way and also learn its real-life application. The activities listed her have been sourced from various sites and are spread across different grades and concepts.   Straw Sort: Cut straws in different (more…)


Article | Teaching Students to Memorize

In the micro-innovation article shared this week ,(MI Monday | Learning Poetry with Bollywood Songs) we featured a teacher who recited poems to the tune of Bollywood songs, to help her students memorize the poems. We recognize that the key to learning is understanding content and not memorizing it. However, at (more…)


Article | Movies & Math

Students are fascinated by movies, especially animated and 3D movies. And you will often find students engaged in intense conversation discussing the special effects they saw in a movie. But what they don’t realize is that “mathematics” plays an important and integral role in all these movies. In this article, we (more…)


Article | Video Games; Perfect for Math

One of our favourite humour sites on Mathematics, had posted this image, recently. Or you have the proverbial water-tank which gets filled by a small tap and a large tap. Excruciatingly slow, especially when the tank’s really big. The problem with Maths is the statement of the Mathematical problem itself? (more…)


Lesson Plan (CRA Strategy) | Nets for 3-D Shapes

In the following lesson plan on Nets for 3-D Shapes, we have proposed a highly interactive and engaging learning experience, where children create a plan to build a 3D paper model. Then they assess their output and discuss why it didn’t work. Finally,  they understand the use of nets, and (more…)


Videos | Innovative Practices for Teaching Math

For a long time, Math has been perceived as a “monster”, by students and some adults too. And they hold this perception because either they never understood the way concepts were taught or they never understood how mathematical concepts were relevant to life, and therefore didn’t bother to learn them. (more…)


Lesson Plan (CRA Strategy) | Fractions

In the previous article of the Math series, we explained the Concrete-Representational-Abstract (CRA) technique for teaching math in class. In this article, we share a lesson plan created on the CRA technique. In the first session, students get a concrete experience of fractions by running a pizza joint and delivering (more…)