Category: Mathematics


Video | Surface Area of a Cylinder

The interesting thing about Math is that it’s a subject that allows you to easily build on prior knowledge, which is core to the constructivist methodology. In this resource guide, we look at a video resource that uses the constructivist methodology to teach the formula for calculating the surface area (more…)


Video | Trigonometry

What is Trigonometry? Is it a long and complex sounding word; is it a branch of mathematics; is it something that you learnt about but is of no relevance to you today? Do you use trigonometry? Do you use a Global Positioning System (GPS)? If you answered yes to the (more…)


Why 360 Degrees in a Circle

If you inscribe a hexagon inside a circle some neat things happen. For one, the perimeter of the hexagon is six times the radius of the circle. Read the full activity here. (Via (more…)