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Women in African History: An E-Learning Tool - UNESCO 0

OER | A Very Useful Example

There have been many debates and discussions regarding the use (and, perhaps abuse) of OER (Open Educational Resources). Most discussions have been centred around the proper definition of OER, their viability and sustainability. We’ll perhaps post on a later date, a summary of these debates. Today is about a very (more…)

Article | Managing Inquiry Data 0

Article | Managing Inquiry Data

Your students have begun their search for data, information and evidence to answer their initial questions. Fabulous! They are reading and taking notes, talking with their teammates, asking new questions. But what are they doing with all that data? How are they keeping all of that organized? Here are some (more…)


Video | What is Blended learning

The term “blended learning” is fast-becoming one of the education buzzwords that you will hear at conferences and in news articles. Some call it digital learning or “personalized learning,” which is another way of describing how teachers can work with students at their individual skill level and deliver real-time instruction (more…)


Ed-Tech | iPads in Schools

It’s not very often that we see articles like this – the one’s that echo our sentiments so nicely. “It seems that every school is considering purchasing iPads these days, and Apple has reported that iPad sales to schools are currently outselling MacBook sales by a very large margin. However, (more…)


Ed-Tech | Virtual Field Trips through Google+ Hangouts

Field trips for schools have always been an integral part of of the instructional process. But they take a lot of effort to organise and execute. There’s a lot of planning that has to go into it, and it is often the case that managing the children and ensuring their (more…)


Opinion Poll | Use of Mobile Devices in Classrooms

This week we have focused on the use of mobile devices in the classroom, starting with our MI Monday post. We’d like to know a little more about your opinion on the use of mobile devices in the classroom and invite you to take this poll. Results are open, so (more…)


Guide | 33 Ways to Use Mobile Phones

Following the theme of use of mobile phones, presented on the MI Monday this week, here are alternate strategies for using the mobile device in your classroom. Some may require an investment, and some can easily be accomplished through low-cost devices. It all boils down to your strategy of how (more…)


MI Monday | Learning Phonics on Mobile Phones

Welcome to MI Monday I Week-4 In last three weeks, we shared a ‘bundle’ of micro-innovations for ‘creative classroom’ teaching which can help children to stay motivated and be more engaged in learning. This week we share with you another creative micro-innovation to help children learn phonics on mobile phones. (more…)