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MI Monday |Try English

Welcome to MI Monday The study indicates that most of the rural schools students are poor in English language due to lack of skilled teachers, proper teacher training, using proper teaching methods and materials, so on. As a result English curriculum implementation at primary level in India is becoming difficult. Problem (more…)


MI Monday | Longer School Day

An extended school day offers a chance to solve organizational problems, remake school culture and, most relevantly, create additional opportunities to reinforce what students learn in the classroom. A 2005 study suggests a positive link between longer school days and better test scores. Today’s micro-innovation is about a headteacher, Sajid, (more…)


Resources | Movies on Demand

How easy or difficult is it to access children’s movies? Well, if you said it is difficult, you have just been proved wrong! The Children’s Film Society, India has tied up with PVR Cinemas to release three of its latest films, on book-a-show basis. These films are: Kaphal-Wild Berries (directed by Batul (more…)


MI Monday | Three Steps of Teaching Literacy

It is widely acknowledged that literacy is an essential life skill and that well-developed literacy skills improve students’ life chances.Research has indicated that peer feedback improves the process and product of students’ English writing.  Today’s micro-innovation describes how Ruby, a grade three teacher, encourages her students to follow three easy (more…)


MI Monday | Careful use of space in school

There is growing evidence of a correlation between the adequacy of a school facility and student behavior and performance. Almost all of the studies conducted over the past three decades, including two have found a statistically significant relationship between the condition of a school, or classroom, and student achievement. In (more…)


Article | What Lies Beneath

Along comes a very heartwarming story about a classroom strategy employed by a teacher. The story is told by a mother and  is in context the most tragic event that occurred in a school, in 1999. It’s a worthwhile read and gives an insight into what teachers are really about (more…)


MI Monday | Mixed Ability Grouping

Many institutions of learning now promote instructional methods involving ‘active’ learning that present opportunities for students to formulate their own questions, discuss issues, explain their viewpoints, and engage in cooperative learning by working in teams on problems and projects. ‘Peer learning’ is a form of cooperative learning that enhances the (more…)


Classroom Activity | Travel Ideas

Studying another country? Why not challenge the students to create a virtual trip to that country? Start with each student creating a suitcase using a small box that could be decorated with pictures of places and symbols of the destination country. After that, the travel bag would have to contain (more…)