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Lesson Plan | Why History Matters

These days, the trending topics of discussions on Social Media (as well as offline conversations) revolve around the documentary, India’s Daughter, and the Ban on Beef Consumption in Maharashtra state. There may be many other political topics that are trending, but for the sake of setting context for this article, I (more…)


Fakruddin’s Fridge | Good & Bad Conductors of Heat

Imagine a science class, where the class teacher walks in and asks “Children, would you like to listen to a story today?” How do you think the children will react? Do you visualise smiling and excited faces? At eVeltio TEN one of our passions is figuring out how learning can be made (more…)


Blood Moon | Student Activities

October 8 2014 will witness Lunar Eclipse, which is also popularly known as The Blood Moon. During this eclipse, the Sun, Earth and the Moon will appear in a straight line. The Earth will block the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon. But, some light  rays from around the edge of (more…)


Lesson Plan | Grade 7 | Light

Tina, a Grade 7 student loves painting. She dreams about completing her 10th and then pursuing a career in visual arts, either painting or photography, and hosting her first exhibition. The Physics teacher calls her name and jolts Tina out of her reverie. She asks Tina to share her thoughts about the (more…)


Cross-curricular Lesson Plan | Grade 1

This is a cross-curricular or integrated lesson plan for Grade 1. This lesson plan covers Languages (English & Hindi), Math, Science & Art. Reference: NCERT – Class 1: English Unit 3 NCERT – Class 1: Math Unit 5 NCERT – Class 1: Hindi Unit 15 Lesson Plan: Preparation before class: (more…)


Lesson Plan | Latitudes & Longitudes (Captain Phillips)

This is a geography lesson plan that introduces the concept of latitudes and longitudes. The lesson plan is designed on the Gradual Release of Responsibility instructional model. In this model, the teacher works towards moving the responsibility of learning from him/her to the students. The model uses a four-step approach (more…)


Lesson Plan | English (Let’s Surprise Students)

They say that learning by doing or experiencing learning is the best way to learn. In this lesson plan, we attempt to “surprise students” by allowing them to experience the text from an English textbook. Reference: NCERT – Class 9 – Chapter 2. The Sound of Music Lesson Plan: Preparation before class: (more…)


Lesson Plan | King/Queen for a Day (Indian History)

History is treasure trove of stories from the past. Those who understand the value of history will vouch for it being a very interesting subject, because it has stories of our pasts, stories of where civilization came from and how kingdoms, towns, cities and countries were formed. Everything around us, (more…)


Lesson Plan (How to Write a Learning Objective) | Soil

This post is in continuation to the previous post (Article | But, What’s the Objective?). In this article, we’ll look at a Grade 7 chapter on Soil and see how we can write learning objectives for the given content. The chapter begins with presenting an activity (9.1) to students. In (more…)


Lesson Plan | English: Polly Put the Kettle On

Can a nursery rhyme be extended to teach reading, writing, opposites, vocabulary, extending patterns and graphing. If you thought “no way”, then you will be surprised when you check out the link given below. Zoom Zoom Classroom has created thematic resources based on a nursery rhyme. If you want to (more…)