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Lesson Plan (CRA Strategy) | Nets for 3-D Shapes

In the following lesson plan on Nets for 3-D Shapes, we have proposed a highly interactive and engaging learning experience, where children create a plan to build a 3D paper model. Then they assess their output and discuss why it didn’t work. Finally,  they understand the use of nets, and (more…)


Lesson Plan (CRA Strategy) | Fractions

In the previous article of the Math series, we explained the Concrete-Representational-Abstract (CRA) technique for teaching math in class. In this article, we share a lesson plan created on the CRA technique. In the first session, students get a concrete experience of fractions by running a pizza joint and delivering (more…)


Mixed Resources | Biomes of the World

Where in the world, would you live, if you were a toucan? Well, your location would depend on the climatic conditions of a place. Because as a toucan, you are a resident breeder (you don’t migrate) and you need lush vegetation all around you, which means that the climate of (more…)


Lesson Plan | Purposeful Reading; Citing Evidence

If you ask most 9th graders to study a chapter from their English book, they typically take the linear route. That is, they begin by reading the entire text, next, they review the questions given at the end of the text and finally they revisit the text to find answers (more…)


Lesson Plan (Flipped Classroom) | Reversible & Irreversible Changes

What do scientists do? They ask a question, they make a prediction, they conduct an experiment, they record their observation and finally arrive at a conclusion. And that’s pretty much the simple story behind some of the most amazing inventions we’ve seen. If science means discovering, then shouldn’t science be (more…)


Lesson Plan (Flipped Classroom) | What is International Trade?

Where would you go, if you wanted to eat Fuji apples, drink coffee from Guatemala and enjoy a cup of blueberry crumble ice-cream? You would only need to travel to the closest supermarket in your vicinity! Thanks, to international trade, today we have access to goods and services from different parts of (more…)


Lesson Plan | French Revolution

We have created a role-play lesson plan to help students understand the concept of freedom and the reason for the French Revolution. The lesson plan takes students back in time, to the year 1989, where they are members of an estate and live under the rule of King Louis XVI. We (more…)


Teaching Resources: Heat, Temperature & Conduction

We found a bunch of resources to teach concepts of Heat & Temperature. Two entertaining video clips from the Eureka series that explain how to measure temperature and the difference between temperature and heat –  Measuring Temperature, Temperature vs. Heat. A lesson plan from Middle School Chemistry that teaches about heat, (more…)


Lesson Plan | History: Ancient Civilizations

History has always been a challenging subject to teach. It is a very very interesting and fascinating subject for those who did manage to develop a love for it, and they form a small group. The challenge with history is that it cannot be seen, it’s in the past. So (more…)


Lesson Plan | Insect Study

The Insects Study Unit can be used to introduce insects to preschoolers. The unit has six cross curricular hands-on activities that teach science, math, art and music, and are based around the fun theme of insects. This FREE lesson plan also includes printable sheets that are required to perform activities. The six activities (more…)