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    Atul Sabnis
    Atul Sabnis

    Discussions related to copyright and licensing of OERs.

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    Archana Kamble

    Hello, here are some of my OER related queries that i came across…

    • can we identify the original source of the borrowed material in case of merged articles?
    • can OER also be cited and listed in the references in APA or any other research journal formats?
    • If yes, who will be the author for the same? The one to whom the OER is attributed? Or the one whose original article or most of the part has been adopted to create new material?
    • What about the rest of the authors whose material also might have been borrowed in the same OER?
    • In such cases, how they should be acknowledged?
    • Similarly what will be in the case of OER which are licensed as “share alike”, “no derivatives”, and others? Thanks.

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      Atul Sabnis
      Atul Sabnis


      An OER will always have details of who created the OER and the details of how it should be attributed. When multiple sources are used, the OER will list all the sources from where the OER originated or is owned.

      OERs can be referenced in standard citation formats. Look for tools like bibme.org to generate citations based on standard formats. If you are using the OER as-is (without modification), cite the creator of the OER.

      Any derivative works within that OER will include attribution to its original creator. If you are creating a derivative work, mention the original source and the derivation. e.g. ‘This is a [type of derivative] of the [original work] by [author]’ or ‘Screenplay based on [original work] by [author]’.

      Hope this helps. For further information, refer to:



      If you need any more information, please let us know.

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        Archana Kamble

        Hello! Thank you Sir, right now having just one query… how bibme.org can help me in citing the OER and regular literature? i went to the website. i tried to understand, but got no clue. Thanks.

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          Atul Sabnis
          Atul Sabnis

          Usually, all OERs will describe how they should be attributed. The bibme.org tool is useful if you want to cite for a research paper. To use bibme.org, paste the URL of the source that you want to cite, and follow the steps. The tool will attempt to collect as much information for citation from the website. You can also manually add more information. The tool will then generate a citation for you to use in your research. Here is an example:

          “Govinda, R., & Josephone, Y. (2004). Para-Teachers in India: A review. National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration, NA, 21-23. Retrieved November 29, 2011, from http://www.unesco.org/iiep/eng/research/basic/PDF/teachers5.pdf

          OERs usually will require only attribution, which will usually be available in the OER itself. The bibme.org tool is useful, if you want to generate standard citations. Hope this helps. 🙂

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