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Link | Kanban in the Classroom

What started off as a scheduling system for production in Japan, was soon adopted by software developers. Ideas proliferate and are adapted by different users as it makes sense to them. How could teachers use a system designed for production in the classroom? Trello, an online Kanban tool has this to (more…)


Classroom Strategy | Language Evolution

When working on this classroom strategy, one question that bugged us for a while was whether this applied more to an English classroom or the History classroom. While the content leans towards use in an English classroom, there are interesting elements to the content that lend themselves to use, by the (more…)


Article | What Lies Beneath

Along comes a very heartwarming story about a classroom strategy employed by a teacher. The story is told by a mother and  is in context the most tragic event that occurred in a school, in 1999. It’s a worthwhile read and gives an insight into what teachers are really about (more…)


Article | Are You Being Fair?

An interesting article for teachers. Perhaps this weekend could be a good time to reflect on fairness – do we always know if we are being fair in class? Babad, who in the late 80s studied the teacher’s pet phenomenon, says problems arise in the classroom when educators’ non-verbal behaviors, (more…)


Classroom Activity | Travel Ideas

Studying another country? Why not challenge the students to create a virtual trip to that country? Start with each student creating a suitcase using a small box that could be decorated with pictures of places and symbols of the destination country. After that, the travel bag would have to contain (more…)


MI Monday | Stars for Skills

Welcome to MI Monday I Week 8 Identifying students’ improvement areas, and providing them structured guidance can drastically accelerate their learning outcomes. However, it is often hard for teachers to keep track of individual children needs. Today’s micro-innovation suggests a way in which students progress can be tracked systematically to (more…)


MI Monday | Encouraging Student success with Smiley Cards

Welcome to MI Monday I Week 7 Encouraging students is ‘praise for effort’ – for example, you worked really hard for your maths examinations. It can help them continue to work hard in future, and is particularly important for children who are less confident, and lack parental guidance for their studies. Encouragement (more…)


Article | Getting Students Hooked on Lessons

Students need to be interested in a lesson. They need to buy in, to find a reason to pay attention and to participate. For some, the thrill of learning something new is its own reward. But sadly, for many others, the intrinsic value of learning eludes them. As teachers, we (more…)


MI Monday | Objectives, not Textbooks

Welcome to MI Monday I Week 6 ‘Begin with the end in mind’ is one of the seven habits of highly effective people as suggested by Stephen R. Covey, writer of the famous book ‘ Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’. For teachers, this habit translates into teaching in their (more…)


MI Monday | Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Welcome to MI Monday I Week 5. Increasing globalization has necessitated the learning of English for everyone. However, learning and teaching English in Indian schools remains a challenge for both children and teachers. This is due to several reasons such as lack of English learning support in school and at (more…)