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CCE #6: Article | Assessing Co-scholastic Skills

The CCE framework focuses on assessing student progress in scholastic and co-scholastic domains, thus making the assessment process comprehensive. Co-scholastic skills includes social skills, life skills, thinking skills, emotional skills and values. In this article, we look at some classroom assessment techniques (CATs) that teachers can implement in class to (more…)


CCE #5: Article | Writing Effective Feedback

Do the phrases “Could do better”, “Need Improvement”, “Keep up the good work” look familiar. What do these statements mean? When students read the phrase “Could do better” on their assignment sheets, what does it tell them. They definitely know that their work needs improvement. But they have no idea (more…)


CCE #3: Video | The Classroom Experiment by BBC

This third article in the CCE series is a video resource called “The Classroom Experiment” conducted by the BBC. This experiment was conducted by Professor Dylan Wiliam at Hertswood School located in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England. In the experiment, Proferssor Williams takes over class 8HJ for one term; he evaluates the current status of the (more…)


CCE #2: Article | Understanding Formative Assessments

As part of its endeavor to promote holistic evaluation, the CCE system advocates the use of formative and summative assessments to assess and evaluate student performance around the year. In simple terms, formative assessment can be looked at as the “unit test” conducted in traditional schools, while summative assessments would (more…)


Why Formative Assessment?

Picture this: You want to bake a cake just like your grandma. You call her and ask her to tell you her secret recipe. She warns you that you must stop and check your progress before proceeding to the next phase. She tells you signs you should watch out for (more…)