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Link | Storytelling in STEM Education? | MindShift

Storytelling, as a learning strategy is not limited to the teaching and learning of languages. In this article from KQED, comes a fine example of storytelling, used to good effect in the teaching of science and technology. Not only does it help the class become more interesting, it enhances skills (more…)


Article | Teaching to Think

One of the most talked about things in the education domain in recent times has been developing “thinking skills” in class. Educators and education systems across the world have been laying emphasis on the importance of teaching students to think rather than just disseminating information in class and having student (more…)


Article | Let’s Encourage Critical Thinking in Class

Miss Jane’s, grade 1 class is in progress. Today she’s teaching her students about houses. She shows pictures of different houses and names them, she also explains why people live in houses. Anna, raises her hand and asks, “Miss Jane why do houses have walls and doors?”. Miss Jane explains (more…)


CCE #6: Article | Assessing Co-scholastic Skills

The CCE framework focuses on assessing student progress in scholastic and co-scholastic domains, thus making the assessment process comprehensive. Co-scholastic skills includes social skills, life skills, thinking skills, emotional skills and values. In this article, we look at some classroom assessment techniques (CATs) that teachers can implement in class to (more…)