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Article | Social Media & Teachers

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article in dna India, about the imperative for teachers to use social media. The days of traditional centralised curriculum sent down for relay, by teachers, have long outlived their time. Students have more options, perhaps more interesting options to consume, than the (more…)


Teacher’s Time

In a recent article in the NY Times, Fred M. Hechinger writes: “One major reason, he believes, is that while a great deal is expected of the schools, from teaching the fundamentals to creating civilized adults, ”whether schools are satisfying places for the students who attend them is largely irrelevant or of (more…)


Books | The Future of the Curriculum; The MIT Press

There’s a lot going on in the world of curriculum design. The most common activity that we see, at least in India, is the inclusion of technology in curriculum design. Some of the initiatives are self-styled game-changers while some are incremental changes, which hardly affect the curriculum in a meaningful manner (more…)


NewsLink | ICT Curriculum for Schools

More moves introduced in education to bring in ICT to the fore. Today’s Hindustan Times – Mumbai, edition carries this news item (Page 4) about the launch of the new ICT curriculum to be used in schools. While we haven’t analysed the curriculum in detail, we suspect that the focus (more…)


Interdisciplinary / Cross-curricular Teaching

A typical school in India functions on a set time-table. The class time-table defines how a day is divided into multiple periods; each period focuses on teaching a particular subject. In the primary grades (Grades 1 – Grade 4) a class has one teacher who teaches all subjects. In the (more…)