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Link | Of Reflective Practice for Teachers

For a long time, teachers have been asked to focus on reflective practice. Very few, however, have described what reflective practice or reflective teaching is. “The more reflective you are, the more effective you are. This is a phrase that has become synonymous with the work we have done with building (more…)


MI Monday | Self Evaluation

Assessment, and specifically self-assessment and evaluation, allows us to tap into student differences in order to see how our teaching can respond to their needs. Several simple, transferable methods can be used at any point in a unit in order to promote reflection on learning and inform our instruction. Here (more…)


Article | Origin of the MCQ

The article starts with, “I don’t need to tell you, but the United States is one of the most tested countries in the world, and the weapon of choice is the multiple-choice test.”. To start with, if you are an Indian teacher or a parent would you disagree with the (more…)