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Link | Storytelling in STEM Education? | MindShift

Storytelling, as a learning strategy is not limited to the teaching and learning of languages. In this article from KQED, comes a fine example of storytelling, used to good effect in the teaching of science and technology. Not only does it help the class become more interesting, it enhances skills (more…)


Teacher’s Time

In a recent article in the NY Times,¬†Fred M. Hechinger¬†writes: “One major reason, he believes, is that while a great deal is expected of the schools, from teaching the fundamentals to creating civilized adults, ”whether schools are satisfying places for the students who attend them is largely irrelevant or of (more…)


Events | Teacher Fellowship Symposium 2012-13

The Regional Resource Centre for Elementary Education is glad to invite you to the Teacher Fellowship Symposium (2012-13) to be held on Saturday, 26 October 2013. Date: Saturday, 26 October 2013 Time: 10.30 am Venue: Auditorium, Central Institute of Education, University of Delhi The Teacher Fellows (2012-13) will be sharing (more…)