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Classroom Strategy | Language Evolution

When working on this classroom strategy, one question that bugged us for a while was whether this applied more to¬†an English classroom or the History classroom. While the content leans towards use in an English classroom, there are interesting elements to the content that lend themselves to use, by the (more…)


Events | RRCEE Public Lecture Series 2014

Science is often presented as factoids. If at all explanations are provided they are presented in way that requires fidelity towards the teacher rather than critical apprehension on the part of the learners. How do we know that the earth is round? Strategies for using history of science to reflect (more…)


Lesson Plan | History: Ancient Civilizations

History has always been a challenging subject to teach. It is a very very interesting and fascinating subject for those who did manage to develop a love for it, and they form a small group. The challenge with history is that it cannot be seen, it’s in the past. So (more…)