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10 Lessons For The Digital Teacher | TeachThought

We have always told teachers about #8. We think that PLNs for teachers are important. If you’re a teacher, and you’re in any way digital (and you presumably are if you’re reading this), there are some strategies you might consider to lubricate the interaction between the two. And that’s where Lessons (more…)


Article | Inquiry – A Learning Process

Research projects – we’ve all assigned them. They can vary from a read and report biography of a famous person to an in-depth science project. Each is valid and has its place in the education of our students. But, do our projects really engage our students? Do these assignments challenge (more…)


Article | Origin of the MCQ

The article starts with, “I don’t need to tell you, but the United States is one of the most tested countries in the world, and the weapon of choice is the multiple-choice test.”. To start with, if you are an Indian teacher or a parent would you disagree with the (more…)


MI Monday | Encouraging Student success with Smiley Cards

Welcome to MI Monday I Week 7 Encouraging students is ‘praise for effort’ – for example, you worked really hard for your maths examinations. It can help them continue to work hard in future, and is particularly important for children who are less confident, and lack parental guidance for their studies. Encouragement (more…)


MI Monday | Maths in the Community

Welcome to MI Monday I Week 7 The idea of teaching mathematics is to develop concept building, problem solving, reasoning and connection making abilities in children to use it in real-world situations. However, most of the time, the curriculum or concepts in mathematics are not connect to the experience of (more…)


ID | Be Objective About it

Bloom’s taxonomy became the basis of eLearning content more than it has become the basis of instructional strategy – I won’t claim that it was supposed to be the other way. But one thing that Bloom’s Taxonomy made sure that objectives were always stated upfront – usually the first (or (more…)


Research | Mobile Learning

The paper, from the Brookings Institution, “Mobile Learning: Transforming Education, Engaging Students, and Improving Outcomes,” while being US specific as far as the data is concerned, looks at the areas where mobile technology can make a significant impact in learning and teaching processes. “This paper, part of our Mobile Economy (more…)


Courses | MOOC: Personalizing Education for Students

Coursera is launching a new course on Blended Learning, starting October 15. This (free) course is six-weeks long and requires just 2 – 4hrs of your time per week. We think this will be a useful course for all teachers, especially those who are looking to find the right balance (more…)


MI Monday | Low-cost, high impact classroom resources

Welcome to the first post of MI – Monday series on STIR classroom practice micro-innovation – Low cost, high impact classroom resources.  Micro-innovations (MI) identified by STIR are individual, small-scale, low-cost (and often zero-cost), replicable practices developed by teachers and principals that have the potential to contribute to improving education quality (more…)